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Thanks again guys. Have read through a bit more now, and I still think (and yes, the article is one person’s opinion) there is confusion out there that leads to many comments being made that sole traders are forgotten about. Looking at the blend of support (between commonwealth and Vic state) I’d suggest a sole trader that’s on JK actually has more available options than my example the other day, which is interesting given the volume of posts/comments and the like I have been seeing from sole traders since round 1. For example, the Vic Support package is available to various business types/structures but existing Job Keeper enrollment is a requirement. Likewise (and not suggesting I agree with this being available) – early access to Super seems to require that you are eligible for JK.

So, in theory a sole trader who is entitled to Job Keeper could apply for early access to Super where as a director in the scenario I painted could not, despite having a reasonable dip in turnover. I could still be missing something, and if so, always happy to be corrected. However, when I look at ‘lack of support for sole traders’ generally, those that are receiving Job Keeper and don’t have employees may actually be better off than say the director of a company that has wages to pay but just misses out on JK?

^^ hoping for healthy discussion. Am seeing a lot of posts on social media lately where it becomes a bit of a ‘whinge’ rather than productive/educational… not whinging about my position AT ALL, simply just not sure why there is such a mentality that companies have it better than sole traders at the moment.