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Hey [USER=34385]@ForSci[/USER],

I build WordPress sites day in, day out.

Updating your website on a regular basis is extremely important!

Unscrupulous scripts and individuals spend 24/7 looking for ways to break your website in order to extort money from you, and just generally inconvenience you.

The easiest way they do this? To look for known vulnerablilites in outdated software. Yes, that includes WordPress. I have lost count of the number of clients who have come to me telling me that somebody has “hacked their site”, and my first question is always – did you keep it updated? Each and every time the answer has been no.

$600 to perform the updates – in my opinion this is a rort.

$350 to rebuild the site – this is a bargain. In saying that I’m going to guess that the real cost is $600 + $350 taking the total to $950, which for your very simple website – is a rort!

If you would like me to login to the backend of your WordPress and offer a second opinion, I would be more than happy to do this free of charge – just shoot me a message, or you can google me to find my direct contact details!