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Hi Maddison

Your post has lots of queries, so my apologies if i overlook some of them.. although to try and answer a component of it, read below.

Me, personally, selling online came from having a product i liked and not wanting to speak to people directly.. From this, i delved into eBay many many years ago as an online channel and stuck with it.. as time progressed and technology begin to simplify websites and placing a little control into the hands of site owners with things like woocommerce or shopify, we also launched our own wesbite to run alongside ebay.

The how to begin.. You need to jump.. but before you jump, you need a product.. find something you like and move with it…. i liken your post to most business queries and people asking ‘how did you start’ irrespective of the online side of things.. i say this, cos if you are selling anything you will need to be online in some shape or form to be a success now days – meaning online just happens in business nowadays IMO… hope that makes sense?

Run with your blog, build an audience and run with a complimentary product to your blog – as you are eluding too.. sounds like a roadmap to me ;)

Keep us in the loop, sounds like you have an awesome journey ahead