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MaddisonJ, post: 270692, member: 114144 wrote:
How did you begin to sell services/products online?

Interesting one this, I have both a service business and a products business.

My primary services business, I tried online in as far as website, FB, etc. But very quickly found that the quality of client was a problem, and this has being confirmed by many others, but they are happy to persist, but for me I am only aiming to service high quality clients. I still have a website which purposely ranks about 2,652,765 on Google, as I don’t really want people to find it, but I am told I need it to show I am legitimate, personally I think thats rubbish but for $30 a year, no big loss.

My products are giftware, which I started thinking it could possibly be a replacement for gardening when I get old and grumpy (don’t comment [USER=34537]@LucasArthur[/USER]). I broke all the rules which I preach on here, and just decided to throw a thousand bucks at it and see where it went. I use Ebay as my sales platform, and have considered my own ecommerce site, because people keep telling me the fee’s are to high. But when you look at the cost of your own ecommerce site, SEO, etc, etc, etc you end up spending more or the same anyhow, and Ebay has millions of customers walking past your doorstep anyhow. Compare it to having a shopfront in a Westfield shopping centre or a strip shop in the high street.