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Hello all.
Thank you for your replies and information [USER=34537]@LucasArthur[/USER], and [USER=53375]@bb1[/USER].
Thank you [USER=78928]@Paul – FS Concierge[/USER] for your advice about honing your niche and making sure you know the market that you are selling to. I received some advice on ProBlogger.com about creating an avatar that would describe your ultimate client and then creating content/product/ services based on who they would be and what they would want/need; this reminded me of your helpful reply. Thank you.
Thank you also [USER=28171]@Rowan@quaotic[/USER] for your story about how you moved to another platform online. I found it very interesting that you now do both selling at markets and online, I really enjoyed hearing about your journey.

Thank you all.
Kind regards,