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Hi Daniel

Go with the first option. I think it works. Its not just a sign youre selling but to compel people to read the sign …thats what makes it different to other signs.

If you want a synonym to compelling you might find it here https://www.bing.com/search?q=compelling+thesaurus

If you want to describe your UVP (unique value proposition) further…you can always add a slogan in your marketing material.

Lastly…catchy names might make people remember you but it might not necessarily sell. But if you focus on helping people know how youre different and help their problem, that might sell.

Hope that helps


sa_leinad, post: 270738, member: 115657 wrote:
Please help me choose a business name by voting below.

Hello, my name is Daniel, and I am starting a new buisiness selling/designing/installing/repairing LED signs. Here are some examples of the products I will be selling:

I have narrowed it down to two candidates:

Compelling Pixels


Radiant Signs

I would really appreciate your help and feedback. Please vote by replying with the name you like the most. Thanks!!