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Paul – FS Concierge
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You have written an interesting post and I will do my best to help you clarify.

First, it is a little difficult to decipher exactly what you are asking because you have posted a number of thoughts and circumstances but as far as I can tell, not actual questions.

So navigating is difficult.

First of all, compiling and submitting the application will buy you some time to get your thoughts together so I recommend putting in an effort commensurate with wanting the job.

Now imagine, you have the job.

Be specific around setting a limit on the hours you are prepared to set aside in total for a work week.

This should be in line with maintaining or improving your mental health and thinking about being sustainable as a small entity into the future.

Burnout will kill your passion and your energy and leads to overwhelm which can have serious mental health consequences.

To honour your new employer and be outstanding, what activities would you need to defer?

What are the actual consequences of deferring? As best as you can guess.

Compare the money. Take into account that Covid 19 issues may re-occur at any time. Assess the money against your known commitments. Try to put a dollar figure on your “freedom” as a soloist.

Have a strategy for getting peace and quiet at work. Is an office possible? With a door?

Can you negotiate some “soft” rules in the workplace such as being free to be disturbed at only pre-defined times.

All of the above is not exhaustive but it may start to give you a framework for how to put things together in your mind.