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Its not a decision a forum can make for you, you are the one that needs to make these kind of decisions. We only know the tiny little bit of information you have chosen to share with us here, there must be hundreds of other factors in your decision.

But as an outsider looking in, if you are going to abandon your business for 3 months, i would say you dont value your business or clients, and it sounds like you are far better off dumping them and going to get a paid job.

Time sharing as in full time for the government and your business at night is also not fair to either. As a tax payer, it sounds like you are after a free ride, just to see if you like the job, a bit like the guys standing with their shovel’s by the roadside, happy to take the money, but not really dedicated. As a possible client, I would have the feeling you are not dedicated to me as a client, and are just hanging on to me as a back stop, and if the easy job at the government works out you will dump me anyhow..

You are either serious about your business or just playing with it.