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Hi, I quite like the idea of the training and some of the key points are great.

Website Feedback
This one you could highlight: Our course gets your staff financially literate in just 8 hours. (Except change the word ‘gets’; it doesn’t sound so nice.)

Generally, I find it too hard to read centred text when there is a lot of it. Also, a confused mind makes no decisions… so always make it easy find the points of interest on your website (particular courses). Do this with related pictures and simple wording.

You may be going about this wrong and I believe LinkedIn could be a great source of generating interest and later, demos. Have you seen that Neil Patel is offering a free course on strategic alliances through LinkedIn, catering to business owners. (Neil is a famous digital marketing guru).

Once people know the pressure is off them and it is about just having a look with a view to recommend it, it is a much easier ask.