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Dave – FS Concierge
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[USER=119405]@Nickbuilder94[/USER] Some ideas…

1) Start where you have the most experience, and are the most knowledgeable. You can use this experience in your marketing, and your conversations with clients.

2) If you do the above, you’ll naturally be a strong choice. Even without a showroom, you can showcase your past work (with photos, videos, or even by describing the work and the problems you solved for the client). Use each proposal/quote to show how many different aspects of the job you’ll take care of for them.

3) Now that you have a focus, and an area of expertise, you can focus your marketing on these certain job types or certain customers. You don’t try to compete with larger marketing budgets, just find a small patch of turf to win.

4) Maybe work up to this last one, once you’ve proven yourself and managed some small projects. Once you can showcase your projects and your happy customers.

Good luck!