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Hi Sai,

To the ‘deep discounts’ that Bert mentioned – e.g. your products all have a ‘slash through’ price and the current price. The ACCC has some information around this practice at https://www.accc.gov.au/publications/advertising-selling/advertising-and-selling-guide/pricing/two-price-comparison-advertising

When selling in this manner, indicating the product was originally one price and is now cheaper/on sale, there are some guidelines at that link to help ensure it’s done in an approved manner and is not misleading consumers.

I can see you have already taken a lot of the above suggestions on board, which is great and I agree the site has good bones and is on its way :)

I think a ‘grammar’ check is a good idea. If you are not in a position to hire a professional copywriter at this stage, perhaps even a family member or friend that can look at the content with fresh eyes to help ensure everything reads as best as it can.

All the best :)