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Paul – FS Concierge, post: 271290, member: 78928 wrote:
Hi And Welcome to Flying Solo.

It is great to have you!

I had this exact issue and did a similar search but didn’t find a product that met my needs either.

In the end, I developed my own “system” that incorporates a template approach with a few twists.

First of all, you can try to assemble a few templates that will meet recurring themes in your business.

Eg, insert what is typical in one day of work, 2 days of work, 3 days of work.

In red writing I put in custom spaces and I am either ready to write to them or just delete them completely if not needed.

Eg, I might say soemthing like:

“It is clear that your current service provider has made promises to you they have not kept. My inspection revealed the following deficiencies:

  • Common Problem 1
  • Common Problem 2
  • Common Problem 3
  • Common Problem 4

We promise to address these issues now and in future. We want you to hold us to our promises…..

I have a series of these template components that I can insert small pieces of text or delete the whole section or part of the section quickly.

I leave these sections in red to remind me to address them.

I hope this gives you an idea around different ways to tackle the problem.


Thanks Paul – I really appreciate your getting back to me. I have actually tried something similar to this previously and I’m really hoping for something more sophisticated/permanent and scalable if I can find something. I do really appreciate your help though.