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A quick add on to the above comments… side jobs seeing 10-20k per year would likely be deemed a business by the ATO. If you’re adding the revenue to your tax return it suggests that’s your profit amount? I would think – and definitely speak to an accountant to confirm – this would fall into a business category not hobby, such that you perhaps should have at least had an ABN as a sole trader before now… which may have meant being able to claim other business expenses I would think?

Only an accountant that’s familiar with all of your income (business and wages), expenses, personal assets etc can really advise best structure for tax effectiveness. Pty Ltd company tax may be less than your personal marginal tax rate on wages so there could be a tax saving BUT it’s also more costly to run a company structure than sole trader in terms of registrations/annual returns etc so it has to be balanced against the tax saving.
James Millar is a member here and knows his stuff. Can’t speak to his fees but would be well worth a chat in this situation – his website is at https://360partners.com.au/