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Hi all, thank you for taking time to respond. I really appreciate your feedback.

[USER=53375]@bb1[/USER] I didn’t assume that a tax (return) accountant wouldn’t be the one who could help me with this. I was just not sure if there are other type of accountant who is specialised in this kind of thing. When I see popup counter at shopping centre who offer to help with tax return I was just not sure if I could talk to them regarding business structure.

I have used accountant in the past but I noticed that I didn’t get any added value compared to just prepare my tax return through eTax. So in the last few years I have done it myself online. I might need an accountant who will proactively try to understand my situation by asking me questions since I would not know what is ir/relevant for my tax return. But even then my situation usually doesn’t change from year to year.

What reasonable fee that I should expect to pay for an accountant to help me establishing a structure to run my side hustle?

[USER=20176]@JacquiPryor[/USER] thank you for recommending 360 partners. I’ll get in touch with them.

So it seems it is highly recommended to talk to an accountant to find out what structure is the best for my situation instead of just registering for a company myself.

Actually, is there anyone could recommend a book that discusses all different type of business entities and their own pros and cons? Thank you.