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Netted64, post: 271391, member: 111832 wrote:
Hi Matt,
My graphic designer and I aare currently working on the product but essentially it’s a type of diary. What does a print brpker do exactly and how much would it cost to engage you?

A print broker is an agent that works on your behalf to get the best printer for your needs. There is no cost to you as we get a commission back from the printer. If you print anything, a broker can help you.

There are over 5000 printers in Australia. No individual printer can provide the best quality, service and value in all areas of printing, so brokers can use a combination of printers to deliver the best value for your printing requirements.

We have no factory, no presses, no stock, no operatives, so our overheads are tiny, which helps in keeping our prices to you at the lowest.

Plus we place orders for print every day, so our purchasing power allows us to negotiate the best of trade discounts enabling us to give you the most competitive quotation.

I once did a job with Debden for a diary. That was using a stock diary adding a few extra pages and embossing a leather cover. Most of my work is magazines, marketing collateral and stationery. If you tell me what your after I can ask around get you a few quotes so you can compare apples with apples.

I only source printing in Australia.

Email what you are thinking to matt@publishondemand.com.au