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Hi Dave,

That’s a really open-ended question and could easily fill up a 20-page report :)

But I don’t want to overload you with minutiae so I’ll just summarise my slant on it.

The overriding/overaching philosophy of GigoBooks is

* It’s tailored to solo business operators, whether they are consultants, freelancers, a micro-business owner, or even just someone who wants to track/account a side gig or two. And,
* Be nice and ethical.

Applying these principles results in:

* Simple software that precisely meets the needs of the target user AND without unnecessary clutter. (Or, at least, that is the intention.)
– For example, there’s no ‘payroll’ function. There’s also no ‘stock-keeping/inventory’ function either (for now).
* The user owns their data (ie. it’s saved on their computer).
– Most accounting software nowadays is cloud-based, and cloud based (ie. SaaS) is inherently user-hostile because the data is owned by the vendor. Ugh.
* Transparency.
– The code is free and open source so interested users/parties can inspect/audit it

And I add one more thing:

* Excellent support
* Because the person doing support is also the person who writes the software (Me!). If a user encounters any problems, or needs a new feature, they can just contact me directly. (Disclaimer: I won’t guarantee that I’ll add every new feature that is suggested.)

So, compared to the other options out there:

* GigoBooks is either free/freemium or much cheaper
– I haven’t settled on the details yet, but I’m projecting that the premium edition, if there is one, is a one-off price of $40-$100. That’s easily cheaper than $10 per month for who-knows-how-long.
* Less functionality. (But actually, when executed correctly, less functionality is a good thing if it means simplicity and less clutter.)
* Simple (see previous point)
* Non-cloud/user-friendly instead of cloud-based/user-hostile
* Tailored to a niche market.

Hopefully, other people also see it the way I see it :)

If you disagree with any of the above points, or just wanna debate/brainstorm, feel free to go ahead, Thanks for reading!

(Off-topic: Uh, how do I format bullet points?)