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bengtan, post: 271355, member: 14149 wrote:
Hi Dave,

That’s a really open-ended question and could easily fill up a 20-page report :)

But I don’t want to overload you with minutiae so I’ll just summarise my slant on it.

The overriding/overaching philosophy of GigoBooks is

* It’s tailored to solo business operators, whether they are consultants, freelancers, a micro-business owner, or even just someone who wants to track/account a side gig or two. And,
* Be nice and ethical.

Applying these principles results in:

* Simple software that precisely meets the needs of the target user AND without unnecessary clutter. (Or, at least, that is the intention.)
– For example, there’s no ‘payroll’ function. There’s also no ‘stock-keeping/inventory’ function either (for now).
* The user owns their data (ie. it’s saved on their computer).
– Most accounting software nowadays is cloud-based, and cloud based (ie. SaaS) is inherently user-hostile because the data is owned by the vendor. Ugh.
* Transparency.
– The code is free and open source so interested users/parties can inspect/audit it

And I add one more thing:

* Excellent support
* Because the person doing support is also the person who writes the software (Me!). If a user encounters any problems, or needs a new feature, they can just contact me directly. (Disclaimer: I won’t guarantee that I’ll add every new feature that is suggested.)

So, compared to the other options out there:

* GigoBooks is either free/freemium or much cheaper
– I haven’t settled on the details yet, but I’m projecting that the premium edition, if there is one, is a one-off price of $40-$100. That’s easily cheaper than $10 per month for who-knows-how-long.
* Less functionality. (But actually, when executed correctly, less functionality is a good thing if it means simplicity and less clutter.)
* Simple (see previous point)
* Non-cloud/user-friendly instead of cloud-based/user-hostile
* Tailored to a niche market.

Hopefully, other people also see it the way I see it :)

If you disagree with any of the above points, or just wanna debate/brainstorm, feel free to go ahead, Thanks for reading!

(Off-topic: Uh, how do I format bullet points?)

They all sound like motherhood statements, but no substance. What does your product really offer.

But the real show stopper for me is this statement ” For the past few months, I’ve been building an entry-level accounting app for solo business people and side gigs. I’ll probably give it another few more months and then go back into the (job?) market to see what’s out there. Well, maybe.” Why would I sign up for your app or even worse still pay for it, knowing that this is only a stop gap play thing for your before you go back to a real job. I’ll be left with an app with no support, no advancement and basically a lot of invested time,