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I’ve had a good night’s sleep so I’d like to elaborate/expand on my previous reply.

bb1, post: 271358, member: 53375 wrote:
But the real show stopper for me is this statement ” For the past few months, I’ve been building an entry-level accounting app for solo business people and side gigs. I’ll probably give it another few more months and then go back into the (job?) market to see what’s out there. Well, maybe.” Why would I sign up for your app or even worse still pay for it, knowing that this is only a stop gap play thing for your before you go back to a real job.

GigoBooks is not a play thing. I built the app for myself to use, and then I extended it so it would be useful for other people as well. It’s already usable and suitable for production/real-life use. For example, I’m already using it to prepare and file my quarterly BAS.

I have other indie projects that produce recurring revenue. The longest-running one has been running for 8+ years and is still going. I foresee that I will continue to have side revenue for a very long time. And hence, I will be using GigoBooks (to do accounting) for a very long time as well. So GigoBooks will be maintained for a very long time as well (basically until I retire).

So there is no issue about the longevity or status of GigoBooks. It will be around in 10 or 20 year’s time, or longer. Furthermore … it’s open source. So by the time I become senile and can’t maintain it anymore, it’s entirely possible/probable someone else will step up and take charge of the software and I’ll just pass it onto them.

As for support … based on my own projections, past history, and estimates, I could easily support 10,000 users in my spare time even if I have a full time job. But once it (hopefully) reaches those numbers, then I’d consider scaling back my other commitments and working more on GigoBooks. For example, once it hits 20- or 30- thousand users, I’d probably be in a position to make a decision to work exclusively on GigoBooks.

So I don’t think you need to be worried about support either.