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Sorry I don’t like it, besides everything that [USER=28171]@Rowan@quaotic[/USER] has already mentioned which are my standards beefs.

You have a PRODUCTS tab, with one product.

You have a link to the privacy website which I need to cut and pastre to get to.

I read all your stuff, and besides one book, I have no idea what you are offering, or plan to offer

Your retiurns policy, so if you send me a faulty product, and out of generosity decide to refund me (sounds written that way), I am still responsible for the original postage and the return postage.

If using generic terms and services templates, you may want to read and verify that they match your website. Just one example ”Our Privacy Policy can be viewed at the bottom of the home page.”, It is not at the bottom of the home page. This may seem picky, but when people buy onloine they are looking for legitimate sites, it’s like spam emails, bad wording, incorrect info, dodgy site. Not saying yours is, as you are here I am assuming it’s legit. But someone finding your site, will have their dodgy radar turned on.

Maybe spend a few dollars and get a professional to build your website,