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bengtan, post: 271376, member: 14149 wrote:

Website looks good. Just a couple of nitpicks came to mind.


Your slider texts ‘A Tool for Self-Discovery …’, ‘Aesthetic Design …’ is hard to see/read because of the image background. (See screenshots.)

Maybe either add a drop shadow to those texts, or else, put a semi-opaque dark/black/grey rectangle between the text and the image background?


The currency changer at the bottom/footer of the website … is easily overlooked.

For example, if I’m at one of your purchase pages:


and it say’s ‘$14.95’ … I wouldn’t know that there’s a currency changer. Maybe the currency changer should be in the purchase form itself?

Also, depending on your audience, you might want to show the currency ‘AUD 14.95’, ‘USD 14.95’, etc.

Hope this helps!

Ahh I see what you mean. I’m mainly making judgments form the mobile version since that’s where most of my customers will be search in by from.

mom the mobile version the test it’s actually blue and rests below the slideshow. Check images below.

Thanks for pointing this out. I need to optimise my website for desktop!