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RMD, post: 271377, member: 56218 wrote:
the legal pages etc,contact term returns should be in the footer [junk drawer as its called] not in main nav

with your newsletter sign up give them an incentive, lead magnet in exchange for their email, maybe a mini email series of your book

definitely would add social proof, you have amazon with the book, can you get any testimonials, visually display the success of your client, happy pics of people your product and the problems they solved

your site is new so if you want to later do this , as a visitor to a site i always look for articles , blog that can assure me of your authority to meet my expectations and solve my internal problems for how that product can help me

Thank you for this feedback! Yes I did initially think that. However I’m not sure it’s going to look pretty having excessive text at the bottom of the home pages. I’m also worried it may slow down my web ping speed.

Yes I agree I aim to use some form of lead magnet just not sure as of yet what I would like to to provide. I have it at the bottom at the moment since I don’t want to resort to an annoying pop up.