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James Millar
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eagleeye, post: 271426, member: 21966 wrote:
You would need a lot of feedback to make it worthwhile possibly? Otherwise changing the direction of your business based on a few people’s opinions is probably not the best strategy. They could be way off.

It took me a while to work out what it was about too. Maybe you need some more info on the front page that can be read immediately instead of searching for what the site is out to achieve. I had to hunt for it.

I think perhaps the name is a little confusing in that regard. It does give the initial impression that participants be having a relatively direct effect on management decisions. Having looked at it (and yes it could do with some more detail on the website) I think it’s more of a feedback survey tool which in itself is not a groundbreaking idea – it’s the UX that’s unique. I don’t think it’s inviting customers to individual make important business decisions because that would be a disaster. Whoever said “the customer is always right” has never owned a business.

How many boring emails do you get for post-transaction surveys and net promoter scoring – I get heaps and never respond because they are so uninspiring. A fresh approach like this is well overdue.

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