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Hi Dave.
Great question, now with Facebook, LinkedIn etc these platforms number 1 purpose will never be business. Facebooks identify and usage will always be social connecting with family and friends. LinkedIn is the same concept but will always be about connecting professionals with professionals. I conducted a survey for people to answer in regards to why they go on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc and not one answer was l go on Facebook to look at business information. It’s all about communicating with friends, which is great because that’s what it’s always been about! But because of this businesses tend to get overlooked and given the way Facebook and Instagrams algorithm has changed it makes it harder for businesses. It’s also incredibly hard to build an audience. Also when it comes to pricing it’s fairly expensive as it increases for every target reach and the add only lasts for 6 days. Again you have to factor in most people aren’t even going to take notice of your advertisement because Facebook users aren’t on there to discover businesses, even they see it they’ll forget about it straight away. These platforms also rely on quality images and because of this it can scare businesses off from posting due to the fact their post won’t receive engagement because the photo wouldn’t be high class.

Whereas Sticky-Beek is purely business. When people are on the app it’s for one purpose, looking at what’s happening with businesses and searching / discovering places to go or visit. Sticky-Beek works through a GPS location system so all businesses can be seen. Sticky-Beek is for constant posting as well, businesses can advertise as many times as they like daily, because they’ll have so much they want to share and with Sticky-Beek there’s no limit on who can see it.

I don’t want people to think I’m competing with Facebook etc because we have different purposes.

Thanks again for the question Dave if you have any more just keep asking