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Dave Gillen – FS Concierge
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Joshryan31, post: 271467, member: 119749 wrote:
Whereas Sticky-Beek is purely business. When people are on the app it’s for one purpose, looking at what’s happening with businesses and searching / discovering places to go or visit. Sticky-Beek works through a GPS location system so all businesses can be seen. Sticky-Beek is for constant posting as well, businesses can advertise as many times as they like daily, because they’ll have so much they want to share and with Sticky-Beek there’s no limit on who can see it.

Thanks Josh. You’re saying that people on FB ignore the ads, but they will voluntarily spend time on an app (sticky beek) that is just for ads? I think that’s the part I haven’t understood so far.

Not trying to be negative, just trying to visualise how this works.

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