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Joshryan31, post: 271465, member: 119749 wrote:
I was told last year that it’s impossible for every business to be successful, well l want to change this logic because every business has a passion and a voice they just need to be able to share who they’re and be able to be constantly in the eyes of the general public.


You are making a very bold assumption about business here, that if they are in front of peoples eyes, they will be successful. Whoever told you that just has no understanding of business. Business success is made up of so much more then advertising, you can have a business that has 1000% more people rock up, but fail miserably. Why because so many business’s loose clients because of poor service, incorrect pricing, the wrong products, and 2000 other options. if you don’t get your business fundamentals correct it doesnt matter how many people come knocking at your door, you will fail.

And until you understand that, and give people a value proposition, which you have failed to do so far, you will fail. To repeat Daves original question are there any benefits to advertising on your platform, forget the motherhood statements, what are the value propositions.