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Colette Garnaut
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Hi guys. I’m looking at jumping back in to my bookkeeping business after having twins in January. I’m a degree qualified accountant with 15+ years of bookkeeping experience, and about to register as a BAS Agent. I haven’t changed my hourly rate in 10+ years and have no idea what the going rate is. So I’m asking, how much do you pay per hour for a non-employee bookkeeper? If you don’t pay by the hour, what other form are you charged?

Also, is there anyone out there who uses a virtual bookkeeper who you interact with electronically (phone, email, zoom, etc) and don’t see in person? I’m wondering how that situation works. How do you get your documents to your bookkeeper? How often do you communicate with each other?

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I don’t ever see my accountant in person. His office creates a link that has questions and when I select “yes it applies”, an upload box appears for that category. It’s really easy and convenient. All the discussion and questions we do via email or phone. It works great for me and saves me 2 hours in travel time, finding a park, carting around boxes of receipts, and I can scan and upload things whenever it suits me – I don’t have to do it in business hours when I’m working in my business