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Well, I’m not sure how old you are but if you have many years of professional work ahead of you I would encourage you to revisit your position on this at some point. I only hope you don’t mentor to teach any potential budding entrepreneurs those thoughts because they are very dangerous bordering on reckless.

I have met many people (particularly from IT) that are technically minded problem solvers (in their field) that try to extend to solving complex technical issues well outside their domain. I think some part is because they have a curious mind (good) and other times its hubris because they are good at what they do so they are good at everything (bad). What is remarkable about your case is that you so openly state that you would rather be incorrect and get your taxes wrong (and deal with those potentially significant financial consequences) than hire a professional accountant or even get free advice from a professional. Either way, the probability of you doing a better job of it than a true professional accountant (not sure what your version of that is) is very low and the amount of time you spend goes some way to indicating how you value your time.

If you are teaching others about anything to do with business and projects then you should be teaching them the importance of leveraging resources. You aren’t going to get far micro-managing and second-guessing every conceivable issue so at some point you need to leverage resources and trust they are doing their bit. If you have already given up on that concept then you are destined for inefficient outcomes for all but the simplest of operations and projects.

But if nothing else you are very honest. Well done for that.