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Hi James,

Thank you so much for your honest feedback and advise. (Not sarcasm)

While I do share my experiences with others, I try to stick to teaching only IT and not about life or business. I also try to stick to the facts and not add in my heavily biased opinion. Definitely I would not tell you how to do your job (unless you’re working on my behalf for one of my clients). Even for my clients I make tables of pros and cons and help them make an educated decision, because ultimately they foot the bill and need to know their options.

Certainly for the GoSupply site, I keep encouraging him to use an off-the-shelf e-commerce product, or let me at least have access to help him, but he’d rather spend his time and money learning from his own mistakes, than to let me in front of the keyboard. He’s had multiple bad experiences with IT “professionals” and I’ve had multiple bad experiences with regulated, certified professionals. I don’t doubt that the likelihood and severity of an issue are much greater with DIY taxes, compared to a true tax professional. I guess I value my time to explore my curiosity (and have this conversation about it) more than I value my time to earn money. We’ve all got different values and mine isn’t on the efficient side. (I won’t lie – there is a bit of hubris there, but there is also a point where I will pay for advise.)

I did say before that I’m checking all my subcontractors work, but that’s not 100% accurate. The amount of my checking has decreased over the year, more for some than others, but I find peer review is still important, so all the work is at least being checked by someone before being delivered to clients (or clients’ clients, depending on the situation).

JamesMillar, post: 271544, member: 5318 wrote:
But if nothing else you are very honest. Well done for that.

Yeah, honest to a fault. I’ve been called “too honest” as well. It’s more of a curse than a blessing. Maybe it’s the root issue of why I DIY.