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I don’t know your situation but it seems from what you have written that you are taking this issue too much to heart.
Customers have every right to complain about poor quality products that they buy, and although that is not the heart of your question, all you can do is test your products frequently and offer really good customer service and guarantees so that your customers are less likely to go public with their complaints.
You can’t please everyone and sometimes every business gets unhappy customers. You have to accept that and just know that you have done your best and move on. It is not the end of the world.

Getting financial satisfaction from an overseas supplier is difficult and usually not worth the trouble for a medium sized business, let alone a small one. Your supplier has probably fixed the issue and that is all you can hope for. It is up to you whether you trust them enough to keep purchasing from them or not, or maybe look for a different supplier. If you can’t afford to sue, I doubt that anyone will help you in a complicated situation like this for less.

You just have to look on this as a learning opportunity.