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Interesting I just got this from one of my suppliers:-

Apologies again for the bombardment of negative news, however, I URGE YOU ALL TO READ and acknowledge that importing as we all knew it has temporarily become extinct.

I am still perplexed at the number of people who have simply brushed off my constant notices as if the problems in international shipping didn’t exist to only now being horrified once it has impacted their shipments.

Current state of play is worsening by the day and Ningbo now have little or no empty containers – when containers do become available they are prioritised to the USA and European trades as these trades are now reaching freight prices of USD4000-USD5000 per 20’ container . Carriers are stopping services ex China for the rest of December and they continue to change vessel schedules to try and cope with the delays, congestions and equipment shortages at all ports worldwide.

PLEASE take the time to read the below attachment which highlights what is happening in the UK – This is a mirror image of exactly what is happening in Australia.