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Yes it’s a problem that has been growing for months. Short answer is my man in Shenzhen is not too worried about Ningbo, Qingdao or Shenzhen…for now…as of today.. China has 34 major ports and more than 2000 minor ports

In Sydney we had our own problems. When the Ports were going slow, some shipping lines were bypassing Sydney and dropping them all at Melbourne. So there were no empties being re positioned from Sydney. Our yards were full of empties. Obviously our numbers do not have that much impact overall. China sources blame the Americans for being too slow, due to their Corona-virus problems. Obviously China still has Corona-virus issues as well. Shipping lines are struggling to meet the change in trade patterns….
Air freight prices are still sky-high (insert laughter at clever pun) so more people are using sea freight…. It’s a new world

The good news is the prospect of new Trade Agreements for Australia. I am thinking of doing a brief report next week on the Free Trade alternatives to China