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andrewdrake, post: 271652, member: 32126 wrote:
Hi [USER=78928]@Paul – FS Concierge[/USER]

Thanks, I actually joined quite some time ago but first post in the forum :)

I was wondering how many solo people actually use a CRM, what sort of free ones are available that aren’t too complicated or sell you into upgrades?

Right now I personally spending something like $800/mo on the various “apps” I require to operate my business efficiently these days! Seems crazy and I’m looking into a better way also.


I think to get a valid answer, a better way would be to explain what kind of business, and what your need of a CRM is. All business have slightly different needs of a CRM, and one size does not fit all, although they all say they do, they don’t.

And also remember free is not always free.

When you say $800/month, I cringe with fear, at do you really need all those apps, or are you running some huge business, because thats a lot of widgets you need to sell, just to pay for the app’s, then add on top of that normal business costs. Maybe a review of your whole business is in order.