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bb1, post: 271659, member: 53375 wrote:
I think to get a valid answer, a better way would be to explain what kind of business, and what your need of a CRM is. All business have slightly different needs of a CRM, and one size does not fit all, although they all say they do, they don’t.

And also remember free is not always free.

When you say $800/month, I cringe with fear, at do you really need all those apps, or are you running some huge business, because thats a lot of widgets you need to sell, just to pay for the app’s, then add on top of that normal business costs. Maybe a review of your whole business is in order.

It’s rather easy to get to $800, I’m an enterprise web app developer / consultant CTO. Actually looking at my Xero P&L it’s closer to $1000/mo!

IDE, Database modelling, adobe suite, project management, client comms (slack/zoom), prototyping software, code deployment, code analysis/checking, security monitoring, code private storage/repos, UAT software and a few more. Most of these tools range from $20/mo up to $200/mo

These days with privacy laws and changes to insurance policies as a developer working on projects with private data there needs to be a “compliant workflow” which has meant a few more tools were needed to manage administrative tasks

Without all these tools I would not be able to deliver secure, enterprise grade solutions in a competitive manner against every other developer out there.