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Hi Andrew, I too am a Freelance Consultant and I use ZOHO One.
It’s AUD $50/mth per user and has about 40 apps attached to it.
It has the CRM that has Modules like Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Deals.
It also has a bunch more like forms etc.
But the real secret sauce is the Apps that go with it.
It has Cmpaigns which is like mailchimp or hubsport, it has books which is the same as Xero, it has Surveys, It has Forms, it’s got Cliq which is like Slack, Notebook which is Twillo (I think that’s waht it’s called). There’s more and they are all connect with API’s and can also connect with Chrome extensions and other 3rd party apps.
The killer is how simple it is to write workflows and blueprints (stages of a process) and they can trigger actions when a record field is changed. It’s friggin awsome.
It’s not intuitive and if you like to get into the details (like I do) it took me a few months to figure it out. I now have an administrator who’s managing it for me now.
They also have a cut down version called Bigin which is just a simple sales crm with lots of the ZOHO One functionality and I think it’s around $10/mth
There is over 13 million users and they’ve been around for 10 years (I think)
As you can tell I’m an evangelist for it – I can’t help you with the product as I don’t do that work, but I recommend it because it’s so awesome.
If you need someone to show it to you let me know and I can introduce you to my administrator.
If not there are plenty of resources on You Tube too