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ykkf, post: 271673, member: 120309 wrote:
May I please know how much roughly this takeaway store should worth?

It makes $7000 weekly. It needs 2 ppl to run it during lunch and dinner hours. It opens from 9am-9pm.

It will make owner operator about 100K per year after all expenses.

Thanks in advance~

If you are looking at spending (risking) $100k to $200k on this business (estimated) then what is your budget for professional advice to review the business and its value and legal issues?

Point is that if you are prepared to risk $100k to $200k on the basis of answers from unqualified people on a public internet forum that have been given 5% of the facts – well your business journey is going to be painful (and very short).

Step back a minute and ask yourself how important $100k to $200k is to you? For most people that is a lot of money – potentially life-changing if you throw it away. De-risk your investment by hiring experts.