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Paul – FS Concierge, post: 271705, member: 78928 wrote:
Hi And Welcome to Flying Solo [USER=120395]@FoodOnlineAu[/USER] . It is great to have you!

Instead of Keto, think food – do you need to meet regulations to sell food? – probably yes.

I agree with Paul. The major issue is food.

The laws around food importation and distribution are quite prescriptive, for obvious reasons. The importer is responsible and cannot subrogate their responsibility to the freight forwarder or the fulfillment centre.

If you have not imported food before, here is a good place to start

Biosecurity requirements
All food imported into Australia must comply with Australia’s biosecurity laws in the Biosecurity Act 2015.

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment Biosecurity Import Conditions system (BICON) can be used to determine if a commodity intended for import to Australia requires a permit or treatment, or if there are any other biosecurity conditions.

For further enquiries on Australian biosecurity or import permit requirements contact Imports:

Phone: 1800 900 090

Email: Imports

You must be sure that food complies with biosecurity requirements. If food does not meet biosecurity requirements, it will not be allowed entry into Australia.

Food safety requirements
Once all biosecurity requirements have been addressed, food must also comply with Australia’s imported food laws, including the Imported Food Control Act 1992.

The applicable standards for food under the Act are set down in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. All imported food must meet the requirements of the Code in its entirety. It is the responsibility of the importer to ensure imported food complies with Australian food safety requirements.

Labelling is where most imported food fails to meet the Code’s requirements. See Food Standards Australia New Zealand user guides to assist with understanding the requirements of the Code.

Good luck