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Hi, Australia Freelance Market is Australia’s most transparent platform for freelancers and clients.

For Australians, by Australians, in Australia

We are an online platform that lists the job titles, hourly rates, experience and skills of professional freelancers, and clients who are looking to hire freelancers will browse through the freelancer categories and listings to find the most suitable freelancer and request for a free introduction. Our team manually reviews all freelancer registrations and introduction requests, to verify accuracy and authenticity.

We publish a monthly newsletter that is specifically catered to freelancers and clients, as well as the general working population. Our Australia Freelance Market News contain tips for growth and improvement, as well as important news and interesting articles. Our Joke of the Month is also a very popular read!

Recent popular articles include How to get 1% better everyday (and double your capabilities in 70 days), Resilience: Have you developed this amazing quality in 2020?, Gratitude and giving, Tips for freelancers during the Covid-19 pandemic, 8 best tips for freelancer networking, and more!

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Our professional freelancers state their hourly rates upfront, hence there is no need for bidding or negotiations.
Only 1 freelancer introduction for each project (free request for clients), ensuring that each client chooses the best freelancer for each assignment.
Once client/freelancer introduction is made, the client is yours to keep for life! No fees on recurring or additional jobs from the same client.

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Hi Can company register themselves as a freelancer on your site?