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Mel S
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Staf78, post: 271733, member: 120477 wrote:
Hi everybody! I’m currently injured and unable to work my regular job, I have a torn rotator cuff and I am not getting paid at the moment.
I will be having surgery soon and then will not be able to drive. Is there any ideas on a low upfront cost, work from home small business that I could do?

Hi there! Welcome! Sorry to hear about your predicament. Hope everything goes well with your surgery. Wishing you all the very best and hoping you have a speedy recovery.

I usually help people with an existing business to grow it. However, I have a start-up client who is planning to launch early this year so they need a business plan which I’m doing for them. If you tell me more information about your background I may be able to give you a more appropriate suggestion. Please refer to my bio if you want to contact me.

Based on the limited info you gave, perhaps you can consider doing consulting work. Besides having consulting clients where you perform certain tasks/process e.g. compliance work only, you can potentially offer training/coaching programs to ‘productise’ your knowledge and skillsets.

By offering coaching in addition to only performing a certain tasks/process you can differentiate yourself from potential competitors. With coaching as a value-add service that you can offer clients, what you’re offering to people is not a ‘commodity’ that everyone can easily get elsewhere because you’re adding your own personal knowledge, skillsets and experience that someone can’t easily replicate exactly so it can become your competitive advantage.

You can create consultancy service offerings around your expertise which you can offer online using remote service delivery model.

By offering virtual/remote services, you don’t have any geographical restrictions as long as your potential customers have access to a phone and the internet.

If you want to consider starting a consulting business but you’re not sure how ready you are, you can go to my bio to check my website. On the ‘Home’ page of my website, you can complete a 7-minute Consultancy Services Readiness questionnaire to receive your free report which will outline what actions you need to take to build a successful consultancy business.

If you want to have a consulting business but don’t want to start from scratch, you can consider using a service that provides ‘consultancy-in-a-box’ business model. This way, you can leverage the company’s expertise, proven process/systems, marketing resources, etc. If you want to find out more info about the above business model, refer to the link in my bio to check my website.

On the ‘Home’ page of my website, there’s a video that provides an overview of a proven ‘consultancy business-in-a-box’ service which may give you some ideas as to how you can start a small business working from home.

You can also consider leveraging your time and money by selling someone else’s products and services in the areas you are interested in perhaps as an affiliate for the business or as part of a referral partner network program where you can get paid if the leads you provide turns into a paying client.

If you want to offer coaching/training programs but you don’t want to develop the programs from scratch, you can watch the free training video which is shown on the ‘Home’ page of my website. If you like the program, you can become a licensed reseller of the program to help you start your small business.

You can also consider joining a business partner program. For example, as a referral partner, you can receive compensation if the lead that comes from you becomes a paying client. If there is a recurring fee e.g. software monthly subscription, you can get paid ongoing as long as the person you referred don’t cancel their subscription.

You may also consider online business such as digital/online marketing, selling digital products, selling online courses, etc.

I’m currently looking for referral partners. Some businesses that I’ve partnered with are offering free online training about how to start an online business and free software tools. The tools are mainly for those people who want to start or grow their business online, want to have a simple and easy to use online marketing system, etc.

You can go to my bio to check my website if you want to see the list of free business-related resources and tools under the ‘Promotions’ section of my website. In the ‘Promotions’ section, you can find out if there are resources and tools that might be helpful for you.

If you want to find out if I am the right fit for your business needs and if we are a good fit for us to potentially work together as part of the referral program for business coaching programs, software, etc. that I offer, please refer to my bio to contact me.

Hope this info helps you in some way in giving you ideas as to what you could do and how you can have a small business working from home with a low upfront cost. Get well soon!