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Dave – FS Concierge, post: 271788, member: 49676 wrote:
[USER=53375]@bb1[/USER] Does the spam act prohibit you from all of the following?

  • Contacting a fellow landscaper to enquire about buying his/her business?
  • Contacting a nearby lawn mowing service to propose a joint venture?
  • Contacting a turf company to ask for their input for an article you’re writing?
  • Contacting a garden expert you admire after seeing them speak at a conference?

To me it’s unrealistic to say you can never contact anyone you don’t know personally (and I don’t believe that’s the intention of the spam act).

In short there are a lot of grey areas, where natural human communications (as well as spam) exist.



It is obvious from the original OP that they are proposing a sales campaign, none of your examples are sales campaigns. You can play around with words, but I suggest people read the SPAM act.