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Mel S
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Hi Prati,

Welcome! I think we maybe able to help each other re: outsourcing services.

I have a consulting business (business advisory services) focusing on helping SMEs.

I’ve partnered with an outsourcing company in Sydney with a team of virtual assistants in the Philippines that does the bookkeeping for companies here, etc.

Since you work with SMEs I’d like to find out if you won’t mind helping me please with my market research as to how I could potentially help compliance accounting practitioners to increase their revenue by providing business advisory services.

If you’re interested to help me and potentially we could partner together as part of the Virtual Controller (Advisory Board) services I’m offering, please refer to my bio to contact me.

I can send you the doc where I’ve outlined the kind of help I need and what I’m working on to give you a better idea of how you could help me if you won’t mind and how we could potentially work together. Or in case you know someone who you think can help me.

I’ll greatly appreciate any suggestions/tips you can share with me.

Many Thanks.