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The biggest challenge I see with any outsourcing model is in managing the impact of reduced internal collaboration for a specific job for a client.

Having been in this space for several decades now, it has become very clear to me that the best outcomes for the client (not necessarily the firm) are achieved by deploying

  1. A very thorough analysis of the complete information
  2. by a team of very capable people who are 100% committed to achieving the client’s objective (whether that be to reduce their business tax or reduce their SMSF tax etc).

We do all of that in house very well and its taken a long time to develop that capability with everyone working together (in the same office) all day every day. As I say to our team….WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME BUS.

How do you get people ON THE SAME BUS that are not part of your organisation, not part of your internal culture, not 100% aware of the end problem being solved.

I am aware that some do it well but as to whether it can ever be as effective as in-house – not so sure about that. And if all of that means the solution the client gets is not quite as sharp just to save a few dollars then it’s not for us. Its pocket change. Some people (including accounting firms) provide services and do a job just to pay bills and get by and some do it for the craftsmanship and satisfaction of solving problems better than anyone else. I know where we sit and it works well for us.