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Mel S
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Rob F., post: 271754, member: 37982 wrote:
Hi folks. I’ve been noodling with an idea for a business throughout the year gone; running team building activities for corporate customers both face to face and online.

The info I’ve gathered thus far indicates that the main marketing work I need to do is direct business development calls to companies in my target market.

The scary bit is, I work a nine to five day job where the only time I have to either make calls or take calls back is my hour for lunch.

How do you folks who are juggling / have juggled a side hustle with a nine to five job handle marketing and taking calls?
Hi Rob,

I’m not sure exactly what is involved in your business. However, here are some suggestions:

1. Set-up a standard process in place to systemise your business. For example, are there a standard set of questions you ask potential clients? You can send them the questionnaire or survey as a way to pre-qualify a potential client before speaking to them on the phone.

You can also use virtual staff to go through the questionnaire with your potential clients on your behalf. Once the virtual staff has gathered the info for you, you can guide the virtual staff how to progress to the next stage to further engage with the potential client on your behalf.

2. Do you have a template when you message and contact potential clients? For example, do you have a phone script or an email template or email and message sequences that you can document?

If you can document the process that will help you to train a virtual staff they can follow the procedures to handle the potential client interactions on your behalf.

When you use a virtual staff you can organise a catch up with them to brief you outside of your working hours over the phone in addition to the email update they can send you during your working hours.

I’ve partnered with a company that is based in Sydney but she has an outsourcing company with a virtual team based in the Philippines.

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I’m in the same situation as you as having a 9-5 commitment working on a project for the next few months on site makes it very challenging to speak to people during business hours.

However, I’ve partnered with various people and companies so I’m leveraging my time by utilising the services of people I’ve partnered with. This is the way I found where I can have my own business but not feel like I’m in business by myself.

If there’s a will, there’s a way if your “why” is big enough to overcome any challenges that come your way. You need to be clear on “why” you want to have a business more than the money as the financial reward is the outcome.

The potential financial reward alone is not always a strong enough reason to have a business to give you the motivation to keep going when times get tough.

If you continue to focus on how you can help people through your service offering then you will never go wrong if you keep following your heart’s true desire.

Hope this information helps you. Wishing you all the very best in your business idea. It sounds like you have a great service offering so keep going and never give up. Good luck with everything.

Kind regards,