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Hi Pareena, The answer is like many things these days; Yes transport services are available, but they are more complex and more expensive due to COVID 19.

Air freight prices have soared while transit times are longer. This is because there are simply not enough planes flying. Yes they can add more dedicated cargo planes, but freight rates are high on those planes, because there are no passengers on the main deck to subsidise the costs.

Sea freight is very busy, because people are using sea freight whenever possible now, because air freight is so expensive.

But sea freight is experiencing delays in transit, equipment shortages, disruptions to schedules, and unbalanced trade routes . So, like air freight, prices are higher and the transit times are longer. Shipping lines are saying there is no chance they will get back to normal schedules before July. As a result I am advising my customers daily on the changed arrival dates.

So the takeaway for you and any importer is this:
1. get your transport quotes before you buy your goods
2. Don’t promise a delivery date to your customers. Plan for delays.
3. make sure you get quotes including customs clearance and delivery to your site
4. Get an estimate of import duty and taxes
5. Cash up – because any delays in payments can lead to storage charges. So you must know when you are expected to pay these charges.
6. FOOD – you the importer, are responsible for meeting all the obligations and requirements. If your production records and manufacturers declarations are not accepted by BICON and Food Standards, you will be responsible for solving the problem. Do your research first.