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Paul – FS Concierge, post: 271774, member: 78928 wrote:
I have seen a lot of data analytics operators on this site struggle.

Demonstrating the ROI is difficult in your space.

I feel if you can demonstrate actual ROI, you will be placed well in the market.

The problem is that you both need to educate and to demonstrate.

I may be wrong, but I don’t see many very small businesses come looking for these services. Compare and contrast to say an Accountant or Lawyer or even a Web Developer where people do go looking for them.

But enough of the Debbie Downer from me already :)


And I think a better approach would be if [USER=120406]@Megna_Arche_Analytics[/USER] took a better approach to trying to tell us what it is, I have a good understanding of it, but most wouldnt and are they going to come on here and say no we don’t know.

Come out and write a speel about it, tell us the benefits, then you may get more engagement, rather then asking us what it is, you know that, we don’t.

Sell the benefits, don’t make it hard work for us