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TM1, post: 271790, member: 120603 wrote:
I reach out to manufacture and he is not looking to expand geography at this stage.

What are my options here? Can I buy product from reseller and bring it to Australia for resell?

The big risk you run is that buying from another reseller, if the original manufacturer, decides to set of their own supply chain into Australia, because they see how good you are going (assumption), you are left going down the creek without a paddle, or is that up the creek.

Or if the manufacturer tells the reseller to stop selling to you, because they don’t want their product in Australia, you are down yet another creek without the proverbial.

Yes like [USER=20176]@JacquiPryor[/USER] says it’s not against ACCC guidelines, but there are many and varied ways your business model could be slammed into a rapid halt. If I was the manufacturer I would be happy for you to build up the business, then when you have spent the dollars advertising and building the clientele, take over by cutting of supply (technically against the rules, but). They have a ready made business, you have a debt.

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