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My site has been pushing up in the SERPS in a dramatic way over the past few weeks few to my SEO efforts. I am now ranking on Page No1 in google.com.au for “cheap domain name name registration australia” so now its time to start working on my other keywords.
At first new customers were hard to target. But now the business has started to take off and grow. In a few months time I am execting top page results for all of my keywords. Currently my web traffic is about 600 hits per day which was hard to grow. But I am hoping that now with what I have recently put into place the organic traffic should tripple. I don’t beleive in PPC. Its a rip off unless your selling a $1,000 per unit cost product. Then its worth it. But for the general law mowing business it’s a total waste of money. The hardest thing about running a hosting company is the marketing. But I beleive I now have the secrets required. So in the next few months this is expected to grow in a big way. All I am saying is that has not been an easy road with plenty of ups and downs.