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Currently. Thee keywords (Cheap Domain Registration Australia) (Cheap Domain Name Registration Australia) & (Cheap domain registration) Are all currently ranking as follows.

Cheap Domain Registration Australia | Page 1 Google.com.au
Cheap Domain Name Registration Australia | Page 1 Google.com.au
Cheap Domain Registration | Page 2 Google.com.au

Take a look for yourself. Keep in mind different browsers can give slightly different results. These results come from Microsoft Edge with paid ads turned off.

SEO marketing services are overrated and stupidly expenise.
This is why I do all my own SEO and link building.
These keywords are performing great and have gained a lot of traction and attention over the past month.

But you are correct. It’s a tough market. Hence why I chose it. Just to prove it can actually be done by a single person with almost no budget.
Im pretty happy with some of my keywords being up there with the big boys.
At the moment I am out ranking au.godaddy for “”Cheap Domain Registration Australia” which I am pretty happy about. When you look at their backlink profile they trump me by a few thousand referring domains. I only have around 500 or so. So it goes to prove that good fresh content and onpage SEO is a bigger ranking factor than backlinks alone.

Total Unique Visitors
Last week
Maximum Unique Visitors
Per day
Minimum Unique Visitors
Per day

You can also see file attached :)
Hope that helps answer your question. Thanks for the interest and feedback

Hey did you see or give my free public DNS resolvers a shot?
I’t would be if I could get a few people reading this to give them a shot.
Many others have the opinion that they actually respond faster than Google and cloudflare when inside Australia.

Here they are here if anyone would like to give them a shot!
I have all three locations load balancing port 53 traffic now however it was a nightmare to get going.

Best DNS Servers Providers | Fast Public DNS Servers (domainregistrationdns.com.au)


Sydney Core

Melbourne Core

Brisbane Core

I suggest that use you the server closest to you for the primary. And then for the secondary the next closest location. Simply for better data centre redundany. I don’t have Anycast running just yet for the public DNS resolvers. But the domains and hosting are all on Anycast.

I will have Perth up and running in the next month or two.

Whats really special about the hosting is my wholesale company operates fully distrubuted, clustered high burst hosting servers. So clients sites are actually spread across several hosting servers which are all load balanced together and super redundant for a really cheap price About $13 bucks a month. (For a distrubuted system) Many other cheap hosting companies with these $3 per month plans give you a single over crowded machine. So you really get what your paying for. So that’s my advertising and marketing angle on that one.

Some feedback on the public DNS servers would be great from anyone else reading this.