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You can ship without your return address on the package, but it is not a good look for a business. If you are going into business then do it in a professional way. Get a PO box if necessary.

That said, there are actually regulations for labelling, so if your products have been packed in Australia they must have a label on them showing the packers (yours if you have packed it) name and address in case there is a problem with a product and authorities have to trace, or get involved legally.

And, do you not have your phone and address on your website? If you don’t how would you expect customers to trust you.

Many products are shipping without the legal labelling on those websites, that doesn’t mean it is ok.

The chance of a customer coming to your address is so small that it is not worth worrying about, no-one wants to go to a strangers home unannounced. As long as you have at least one easy way of customers to get in touch with you that is what they will use.