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Hi, guys. I really appreciate your time.
I am trying to make an extra income by selling items online not a professional business yet (They are small things such as shoes and electronic devices which are not that expensive, 60$ top and smaller than a shoe box) To avoid paying fees and making it simple and easy, I just use Marketplace/Gumtree as I am still learning and comparing pros and cons.

I am reading from forums and couriers to spend less money as possible but at the same time I truly want to make the customer happy as I analyse if I can trust in the company and the time for delivery..

I have purchased some items from Ebay/Amazon. Interestingly, when I saw the label my details were included but not the seller’s. That’s why I am having these doubts..And I agree as what if the item is not delivered. How could it be returned to me? By talking or having an agreement with the courier?