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In terms of the order of things –

Purely my personal approach, not advice on this – I’d be inclined to have my business plan/marketing plan done first – as this will apply to the current location but likely to any other if the first doesn’t check the boxes, then perhaps inspect with agent, and see what might be possible in terms of rent negotiation. If the inspection fails your hopes and/or you can’t negotiate this may impact what you do next. If that all checks out, then perhaps discuss with the bank – who may very well want to see business/marketing plans and projections anyway, and, then, ‘admin set up’ things.

A slightly side note – you mentioned the ‘admin’ side of registering a company name. Keep in mind a company name doesn’t protect the name nor ensure it’s safe and available to use. If you have a name in mind, before registering the company with that name (which obviously costs money), check it’s not likely to infringe registered trade marks, and, that it’s available as a domain name and across social media platforms. It can be disappointing to register the company name only to realise you can’t set up social media/website by the same name, and certainly not great if you are forced to rebrand due to another person owning a trade mark. You can conduct your own basic TM searches at https://search.ipaustralia.gov.au/trademarks/search/quick (look not just at identical names, but anything that looks or sounds similar to the one you want to use for your shop – where confusion could occur), and, https://namechk.com/ can help find names available across social media/domains etc.

Good luck :)
In any case, all the best :)